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BYUtv is available in the United States via satellite, cable, and the internet.


Channel Information Phone Number

BYUtv is available on channel 9403 for all Dish programming packages.


BYUtv is available on channel 374 for all DIRECTV programming packages. BYUtv is also on channel 68 for viewers who have the Salt Lake City local channels package.



BYUtv is carried by nearly 600 cable TV providers nationwide.

For help finding a cable provider in your area, please contact our customer service department by calling 1.866.662.9888, Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm MST. You may also contact us by email using our contact form.

If you are a cable operator and are interested in carrying BYUtv on your cable or satellite service, please contact our cable relations department by calling 1.801.422.4698 or by email at


You can watch Live TV, thousands of episodes of your favorite programs, recorded live events, and BYU Sports games at Click here to start watching.


BYUtv App for iPhone and iPad
Now you can watch BYUtv and our vast library of on-demand video for free on the iPad and iPhone. Watch your favorite episodes of our great shows on BYUtv. And if BYU Sports is what you crave, watch BYU Football, BYU Basketball, and all the other BYU Sports broadcast on the BYUtv iPad/iPhone app.

BYUtv Channel for Roku
Watch byutv on your big screen using Roku. Our channel will allow you to watch live tv, have access to all our great content and even watch our recorded live events.

Member Guide

BYUtv Member Guide

BYUtv's program guide features our daily program schedule, special program announcements, detailed content information and more! Become a member of BYUtv and receive our monthly program guide for a year!


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