Granite Flats premiered last Sunday on BYUtv to acclaim from both critics and viewers. (Watch a new episode this Sunday at 8pm ET/6pm MT.) 

The Miami Herald calls the show "a surprisingly quirky mixture of comedy, drama and science fiction" and a "cross between The Goonies, The Wonder Years and Encyclopedia Brown. Granite Flats pinballs from sweet to wistful to poignant to funny."

The Salt Lake Tribune says, "It's good. Really...It's filled with likable characters..." And The New York Times claims that the show "combines small-town drama and a science-fiction vibe and, for the youngsters, throws in a sort of Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew element..."

Deseret News also chimes in with high praise in an interview with the show's director, Scott Swofford.

But the real reviews that matter are those from the viewers. And we were not disappointed! Take a look at a sampling of comments about Granite Flats on Twitter: