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Video Frequently Asked Questions

General Information and System Requirements

This video player is designed to deliver the highest quality experience for live and on demand video. No matter where in the world you are viewing from, the player will provide you the highest stream possible based on your available bandwidth, CPU, Flash version, and device. In case you are seeing less than ideal quality, we have provided the minimum and suggested requirements below, along with some common questions.

What are the system requirements for the video player?


Mac OS X

Audio/Video Playback Troubleshooting

What version of Flash do I need?

Flash versions as early as 9.0.115 are supported, but we recommend Flash version 10 or greater on OSX or Windows. You can see which version you have here and the latest Flash version is available from here.

Why does the visual quality of the video look grainy?

Video quality will adjust based on your available bandwidth. If the quality looks poor you'll want to ensure you have adequate bandwidth to see the highest quality picture (+2000kbps). You may also want to check your network or your machine for other downloading activity.

The video playback is choppy and/or stalling. What can I do to fix it?

The player should not stall under normal circumstances. If you are constantly experiencing problems with stalling or choppy playback, please check the following:

To check your CPU, please do the following:

If you continue to experience stalling problems after ensuring that you meet the system requirements, bandwidth requirements and have disabled the aforementioned programs, please contact technical support.

Contact Us

If you are in need of further technical support or would like to share a comment, please send us your feedback by clicking here.

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